At Garden Abode, we do our very best to make life exciting for our residents by making sure there are always plenty of activities for them to take part in. 

Sometimes, we bring in outside forms of entertainment that we feel could lift the spirits of our residents and put smiles on their faces.

Everyone here is treated like our family and we want to ensure their happiness each and everyday.


  • Fitness: Balance & Stability
  • Strength Building Mind, body, Spirit
  • Aroma Therapy, Guided Meditation, Healing Touch,
  • Progressive Relaxation, and Worship Service (if requested.)
  • Art, Cognitive, and Music Therapies
  • Bird watching, Gardening, and Nature Walks
  • Board Games, Cards, and Puzzles
  • Crafts & Scrapbooking
  • Matinee Movies & Popcorn
  • Karaoke Special Holiday & Birthday Celebrations
  • Board Games, Cards, Puzzles
  • And More

17067 Coyote Bush Dr.
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 858.776.9730
Fax: 858.759.8403


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