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At Garden Abode, our mission is in giving care with genuine respect and love, and in treating our senior care residents like they are part of our family.

That foundational belief enables us to ensure the comfort, dignity and quality of life your loved one is accustomed to, along with the assistance they now require.  

Our senior care residents’ health and safety as well as their outlook and longevity are of highest priority to us.  Our staff-to-resident ratio is higher than what state law requires and we have “awake” staff at night!


I chose to open a 6-bed senior care facility in San Diego because I sincerely believe a small atmosphere allows your loved one to receive a higher level of care and attention. No one gets lost in the shuffle here!  I have carefully selected our staff based on a true passion and heart for care giving as well as experience. 

As a young child, I had an incredible relationship with my grandmother who taught me to love and appreciate many things… one of them being gardens and the love of gardening. It was this wonderful relationship I had with her that played a significant role in me turning my own home into a 6-bed senior care facility and naming it, Garden Abode.

At Garden Abode, we see our residents as whole individuals and regard them as members of our family – serving each individual with dignity, respect, and compassion. We encourage the highest level of independence possible while giving physical care and assisting with daily living activities when needed. We also feel it is important to aid our residents’ cultural and spiritual needs.

Located in an upscale, gated community with beautiful accommodations; we provide assistance with activities of daily living; cooked from scratch meals; art, cognitive and music therapies; fitness and mobility programs; mind, body, spirit and holistic options; salon needs; worship services and more.  

Good nutrition is extremely important at Garden Abode.  At least 70% of what we serve is homemade.  Milk and water kefir are made fresh and consumed daily to increase residents digestion, probiotic levels, absorption of vitamins/minerals/nutrients, increased immunity and overall health. 

We are licensed for ambulatory, non-ambulatory, bedridden, hospice and memory care.  We work closely with each resident,  family members, and Doctors to compliment their dietary, medical, physical, social and mental needs.  

We make it a point to understand their history, implementing activities which are in-line with their personalities and abilities.  

At Garden Abode, we pride ourselves in creating a “Just Like Home” feeling for your loved one in an intimate and close-knit family setting.

If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to discuss with me, I make myself readily available, so please reach out to me by calling (858) 776-9730, or by using our contact form.

Thank you for your interest in Garden Abode!

17067 Coyote Bush Dr.
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 858.776.9730
Fax: 858.759.8403


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