Garden Abode is a 5,000 sq. ft. residential home safely nestled in a beautiful gated community in the Santa Fe Valley neighborhood of North San Diego County. The spacious home has been remodeled and equipped to provide a wonderful atmosphere for 6 residents.

The home is both beautifully decorated and well-landscaped and features all of the following amenities:


  • Central heating & A/C
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • In-Room Cable
  • Wander Guard Door Alarms
  • Furnished Bedrooms
  • Family Visiting Area
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Media Room
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Outdoor Shade
  • Walking Paths
  • Garden

17067 Coyote Bush Dr.
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 858.776.9730
Fax: 858.759.8403


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